Don’t Skip The Home Inspection

home inspection birmingham al home inspectors birmingham al home inspectors in birmingham alOne thing you should never do when purchasing a home, is to forgo the home inspection…

When you purchase a home without a professional home inspection, you do not get the in-depth analysis of the home’s current needed repairs or the issues that could become a problem down the road. The home inspector checks the home for safety, function and structure and with this information, you can make a properly informed buying decision.

This goes for new construction also. Many people think since the home is new, why do they need an inspection? When a new home is built, there are many contractors that help to build the home. And since the home has never been lived in, the systems have not been used, so when you move into a new home and start using the home’s systems, things can happen. And you need to know what issues there are so the builder can fix or repair them before closing.

When you waive the home inspection contingency, you are essentially buying the home As Is and when spending this much money for a home, you should always know what As Is is…

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