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AB Home Inspections - Installation InspectionWhy schedule your Birmingham installation inspection with us?

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Homebuyers often feel that we are their best friend in their Birmingham home buying process. If you are looking through Birmingham, Alabama;s list of home inspectors, be sure to get a licensed State, NACHI, and ASHI certified inspector.

A B Home Inspections, Inc. offers you all!

We are an Alabama State Certified Home Inspector HI-0632 and experienced Birmingham home inspection services company.

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The best way to think of the insulation of a home is similar to the lining in a coat. Imagine a nice winter coat that keeps you warm on the inside and keeps the cold away from you. The lining of a coat is the insulation of your house. Normally, the attic has insulation which keeps the cold air in the attic, during the winter, and keeps the warm treated air in the house. Of course, you have the wall insulation and crawlspace/basement insulation.

A B Home Inspections, Inc. can tell in how much insulation the house we are inspecting has.

When you or someone you know need the services of a quality home inspection company in Birmingham, AL or in surrounding areas, we would truly appreciate you thinking of us. You can schedule right from our website or call our office at (205) 835-0539. Or email us at Sales@abinspects.comThank you.

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