Combine graceful forms and slender proportions for mid-century style

July 2, 2019

Mid-century style celebrates the aesthetic influences of the 20th century, bringing clean lines, slender forms and high function to the interior space. From modernist architectural structures to furnishings that embrace rounded geometries and smooth contours, design elements from this period are rooted in a sense of history, yet seamlessly integrate into the present for a truly enduring, iconic look. Incorporate these elements to create a space that distills the essence of timeless sophistication and captures the je ne sais quoi of mid-century influence.

Streamlined aesthetic

Curate a distinguished, mid-century look by implementing a streamlined design, eliminating unnecessary visual weight and avoiding overly ornate items. Use the space wisely, selecting furniture that boasts clean lines and modern characteristics, such as an etagere bookshelf or a stacked glass coffee table with brushed steel trim. Experiment with form while remaining mindful of function, and strategically place items such as a custom slatted bench or vintage leather cantilever chairs, which provide comfort, purpose and debonair style.

Stunning contours

Incorporate intriguing curves throughout a space to complement a clean, broader aesthetic, embodying a key component of the mid-century period. Bring the era’s sleek style to life in the master bath with faucets from the Levoir Bath Collection by Brizo. Slender, graceful forms pay homage to classic British automobile design, creating simple yet elegant silhouettes for unparalleled luxury. Augment the subtle contours and smooth planes with a geometric flower vase, or use a hexite backsplash to add angular interest.

Material intrigue

The unexpected use of familiar materials is a key component of the mid-century approach. Place a sculptural glass globe lamp atop a walnut tripod table to introduce a blend of shapes, or fill a brass bar cart with square decanters and aluminum tumblers as a nod to the classic cocktail culture of the 1960s. Keeping authenticity and craftsmanship in mind, look for decorative pieces such as a rich rosewood desk for the home office, or rounded Lucite nested coffee tables in the living room.

Daring accents

Set the stage for distinguished design with a canvas of muted neutrals, and add a layer of visual interest with bold accent pieces and statement colors inspired by mid-century palettes. Suspend a bright, citron tapestry for an unexpected pop in the foyer, or add a chartreuse high-back lounge chair in the master bedroom, finished in velvet to accentuate its contours. Perfect the aesthetic with quintessential mid-century statements, such as large-pane windows for abundant natural light, complemented by a circular sunburst clock to complete the space.

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