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Infrared Thermography Building Inspection – Birmingham, Alabama

What exactly is infrared thermography? What is it used for, and why is it often a necessary part of a building inspection? Have you seen the classic action movie Predator? Do you remember the thermal vision the movie’s extraterrestrial villain used to track down Arnold Schwarzenegger? That’s sort of what we see on an infrared thermography home inspection. Pretty cool huh? But what’s it used for? One of the most common applications is to find hot spots that might be caused by loose electrical connections inside walls or faulty boiler equipment. The kind of thing that might make you want to vacate the premises and “Get to the choppa!” pretty quick. Here’s a little more info on these important inspections:

Infrared Thermography for Building Inspections | How it Works

Anything that is above absolute zero produces radiation in the long-infrared electromagnetic spectrum. Thermographic cameras detect that radiation at a range of 9,000 to 14,000 nanometers. This is how we can see through walls like Superman. Since the camera detects radiation that increases with higher temperatures, warmer objects stand out in the camera viewfinder. Heat loss is a common symptom of improperly made-up electrical connections, so we are able to use these cameras to find potential fire hazards within your home or office. Sometimes your insurance company might order one of these inspections or offer a discounted coverage if you have professional infrared thermography testing completed prior to purchasing a policy. A B Home Inspections is equipped with the latest technology to help you protect your property investment with Infrared Thermography Testing for Birmingham, Alabama homes and businesses.

Other Problems We Can Detect

In addition to the obvious benefit of finding damaged electrical equipment, we can also detect several problems that might prevent home damage or save you money. A test might uncover damaged or leaky air ducts that are bleeding out dollars in Alabama’s hot summer months. We can also detect areas with insufficient insulation or moisture buildup within walls or attics. You might even consider thermography if you suspect pest problems within the walls, attic or crawlspace of your home.

Areas We Cover

If you think you might have a problem, it’s probably best to get it checked out. Give us a call and we can assess the situation over the phone and discuss infrared thermography. We cover most of central Alabama. We can perform infrared thermography inspections in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, and the surrounding areas. Call 205-835-5211 or e-mail us at