Home Inspection Agreement

A B Home Inspections, Inc.’s Home Inspection Agreement

This home inspection is performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice of American Inspectors Society and is an examination of the mechanical and physical components of real property identified of this report as they exist at the time of the inspection through visual means and operation of normal user controls. This home inspection is contracted between the home inspector and client named on the report only. The home inspector does not necessarily possess licenses authorizing the rendering of detailed opinions regarding all of the systems, structures, and components of a building.

What We Do:

1. We perform a visual inspection in a good and workmanlike manner.

2. We tell you whether each item we inspect is performing the function for which it was intended or is in need of immediate repair.

3. We will explain what we saw about each item.

What We Do Not Do:

1. We do not make guarantees, representations or insure the performance or condition of any item after the date and time of this inspection. Please remember that almost every component in any house, except new construction, is in used condition and has ordinary wear and tear.

2. We do not inspect any item which we cannot see in a normal inspection. For example, we do not move furniture, floor or wall coverings, or other furnishings. We do not inspect septic tanks, sprinkler systems, buried pipes or wiring. We cannot see items covered by walls or flooring. Repairs, painting or remodeling may hide evidence of prior damage or defects. We do not dismantle equipment to inspect component parts. We do suggest that you ask the owner about repairs, covered up items or previous problems.

3. We do not inspect for formaldehyde, lead, radon, Chinese Drywall, or other environmental hazards.

4. We do not inspect for building codes, soil analysis, gas leaks, adequacy of design, capacity, efficiency, size, value, flood plain, pollution or habitability. Please remember that older houses do not meet the same standard as newer houses even though items in both might be performing functions for which they are intended.

5. We do not hold ourselves out to be specialists for any particular item. We are a general real estate inspection company. If we report that an item is not performing its intended function or needs repair, we urge you to have that item examined by a specialist before purchasing the property. We do not give estimates of the cost to repair any item. We do not store reports and digital files are routinely purged.

What The Client Must Do:

1. Client must notify us in writing of any complaints regarding our inspection within seven (7) days after receipt of our report.

2. If we report that an item is in need of immediate repair or is not performing its intended function and Client intends to purchase the property anyway, we recommend that Client have that item examined by a specialist.

3. It is agreed by all parties that, to the extent allowed by law, any damages for breach of this contract are limited to the amount of the inspection fee.

4. If Client sues on this contract but does not prevail, Client agrees to pay our reasonable attorney fees.

5. Client acknowledges that the inspector has not made any oral representations that differ from or modify what is written in this report.

6. Client must not allow anyone else to use or rely on this report.

Inspection Fee of $_____________ was paid by  Cash  Check (Payable to A B Home Inspections, Inc.)?


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A B Home Inspections, Inc. Agreement

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