5 Ways to Add Outstanding Value to Your Home

February 27, 2020

value to your home

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Your new home looks fabulous. It’s probably one of the reasons you bought it. But remember that property depreciates over time, and it’s important that you work hard to keep it looking great every day.

A great looking house will not only have your family, friends, guests, and neighbors applauding you, it will attract the attention of potential buyers as well. Most importantly, a magnificent home will make you feel comfortable and proud. 

So, how can you increase your home’s value? Here are some Inexpensive ways to add significant value to your home:

1. Create an Open Floor Plan

Conventionally, most households in the United States have a wall that separates the living room and the kitchen. Consequently, people in your sitting room can’t see the kitchen.

Lately, this trend continues to evolve as most homebuyers prefer a home with an open space. If a wall separates your living room from the kitchen, consider removing the partition. 

The resulting space will create an open space between your kitchen and the living room. Now you can add your table and chairs to create a flow between the two rooms. As Jeanne Baron of This Old House agrees, you’ll increase the space and transform your home’s feel. 

2. Landscaping

Working on your home’s interior is commendable, but don’t forget about the look of those trees and bushes on the exterior. Why? Because unkempt bushes and tangled trees can easily obscure views, promote mold and darken the interior.

While most homeowners may overlook it, landscaping is among the top three home investments with the highest returns. HomeGain, a real estate marketing company, surveyed 2,000 brokers and discovered that just a small investment of $400 – $500 can generate up to a four time return.

For this reason, pruning your trees and shrubs is essential. If the planters hinder potential buyers’ view of the house, they’ll move right on to other houses that are more visible. Other than losing potential homebuyers, neglected Mother Nature can cause other costly damages to property. 

3. Update Your Plumbing

If your iron pipes look old and rusty and you fear you’ve ingested enough metal through your drinking water to construct a small ship, it’s time to replace your plumbing system.

Believe it or not, appraisers heavily consider plumbing when giving value to your home. Back in the day, re-piping was a massive undertaking where contractors would have to dig into walls. Lately though, people prefer plastic piping because it’s reliable and easy to install. Professional plumbers can run it through the walls like extension cords.

4. Boost Your Bathroom

As Matt and Nicole, licensed realtors and remodeling experts put it, you can brighten your bathroom with paint and wallpaper. Do not overdo the wallpaper addition, though. Remember that the moisture in the room can quickly loosen your wallpaper. To prevent this, use super glue to attach the wallpaper to the wall.  

Other simple additions you may need to make are introducing a new mirror and new light fixtures. With these simple procedures, you’ll transform your bathroom from a plain Jane to a beauty queen.

5. Illuminate Your Space 

Few people prefer a dark living space and that’s why lighting enhances the appeal of any home. You can do a few things to brighten your house, and these include fixing broken panes, ensuring windows open and setting switches that trigger dim lighting. 

Don’t forget about the lights outside the home as well. They are important for both aesthetic appeal and security.

To add value to your home and beautify it, consider simple things on both the interior and exterior.. Start by implementing a few of the above suggestions as they are the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add value. Call your Home Inspection Birmingham, AL for your home improvement and inspection needs!

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