Tips To Create A Virtually Self-Cleaning Bathroom

February 19, 2020

self cleaning bathrooms

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Cleaning is never on the top of anyone’s list. As self-cleaning bathrooms have become more popular in public washrooms, some savvy homeowners have started integrating self-cleaning technologies in their personal bathrooms. If you want to keep your home clean without scrubbing sinks and toilets on a regular basis, you may be interested in self-cleaning bathroom fixtures. Here are our tips to transform your bathroom into a low-maintenance, self-sustaining clean zone.

Try A Self-Cleaning Toilet

Self-cleaning toilets for the home include automatic mechanisms that clean and sanitize the toilet bowl, taking care of discoloration and waste buildup inside the commode. These toilets typically clean the inside of the bowl with a strong blast of water, then spray a deodorizing product to remove odor. Since the residential self-cleaning toilets don’t clean the seat or the toilet exterior, you’ll still need to wipe the surface down on occasion. Yet you can kiss toilet scrubbing and bathroom odors goodbye when you install one of these powerful toilets.

Switch To A Hands-Free Faucet

You might have thought about putting a hands-free faucet in the kitchen so you don’t have to turn the faucet on after touching raw meat, but have you thought about how this style of faucet can reduce the bathroom cleaning? When you can wash up after using the bathroom without turning on the faucet, you reduce the spread of bacteria and filth in the bathroom. As a result, your sink basin and faucet stay cleaner longer. Now, you can wipe down the surface when it appears dirty without worrying about a buildup of soap scum, dirt, and bacteria on your bathroom sink and faucet. Apply mold and mildew-resistant paint, tile, and grout


Bathroom grout may turn gray, pink, or brown as mold and mildew develop in the bathroom over time. If your grout is light-colored, you may need to scrub it regularly to keep the mold and mildew at bay. If you’re thinking of replacing an old shower in your bathroom, the smartest thing to do is look for mildew-resistant tile and grout, which naturally resist the bacteria. When combined with mold-resistant paint on exterior surfaces, your bathroom will be able to withstand regular use without getting grungy.


Semi-gloss or satin finishes work best in bathrooms. Semi-gloss paint is easy to clean but can lose its shine if you scrub too hard; satin paint hides cracks and seams. Before you apply a mold-resistant paint, wash the walls with bleach and water to remove any bacteria hiding in plain sight. Once you’ve cleaned the walls and allowed them to dry, the mold-resistant paint will seal the walls so mold and mildew cannot get in.

Change Your Exhaust Fan

If the bathroom in your new home has signs of mold and mildew, a likely culprit is the exhaust fan, which may be old and inefficient. Mold and mildew develop in humid conditions, so you need a good way to remove heat and moisture from the bathroom – in other words, a working exhaust system. A good exhaust fan will quickly carry heat, humidity, and moisture out of the bathroom to reduce the likelihood of mildew and mold. With a better exhaust fan, you’ll need to do less cleaning and your bathroom will look, feel, and even smell better!

If you’re thinking of doing home renovations, either big or small, now is the time to do it. If these ideas for creating a self-cleaning bathroom have inspired you, start searching for a plumber who can install the fixtures you need now to get everything ready for move-in day. Visit Home Inspection Birmingham AL for your home inspection needs today!

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